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For the love of astronomy

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Not so long ago, I had started looking at the night sky through the lens of my telescope. Around the same time my eye caught the sight of Carina Nebula* on a shop shelf among various bottles, flasks and coffee cups. I did not know then that a ‘star was born’ in my life. The Root7 OneBottle with its Carina Nebula print is, as my husband used to put it, “yet another bottle!”.

It is not.

OneBottle is not the lightest bottle due to its insulated stainless-steel body with an additional internal copper-coated layer. With Root7 bold claims of their bottle keeping hot drinks hot for 20 hours and cold for 30 hours it looked like a good quality bottle. Well, my husband called these claims “exaggerated marketing misrepresentation”. That was only until one summer weekend last August. We went for a walk along the coast leaving our car and my bottle in it baking for hours under the sun. Upon our return even I was surprised to find that the water in the bottle was as cold as when we had filled it in the morning. Since then be it for a short evening walk, work meetings, train commute or on cold nights star gazing, I always take my bottle with me, either with water or homemade brew. What came as a surprise is that even after eight months of extensive use the bottle still keeps the tea piping hot for hours so I can enjoy it when I am returning from work in the evening.

Though it is not the cheapest in the market the Lifetime Guarantee which comes with OneBottle gives you the comfort that if you were ever not happy with the performance of the bottle, Root7 will find a solution.

And my usually very skeptical husband now got himself his own OneBottle. I will let you guess which one.


*in simple terms, nebula is a place in the universe where new stars are born


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