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Easy Eco Washing-Up

When we think about eco-friendly washing up, a lot of tips are focused on how to reduce water. But there are also ways to minimise the use of plastic in your washing-up routine too.

Goodbye Plastic Sponges

Everyday sponges are often made from polyurethane and other manmade materials – essentially, they are oil-based plastic sponges that go straight to landfill. Instead, you can switch to an all-purpose cellulose sponge that can be used from everything from washing dishes to make-up applications too.

Fully Loaded

Use your dishwasher – many modern appliances are eco-friendly, so they know how to conserve water but are still effective at rinsing your dishes. You can conserve water by only turning your dishwasher on once it is full. Keep your appliance in great working order by rinsing dishes first too.

It's All About The Order

Have a sensible order for washing in the sink. Think about it. If you fill your sink, scrub your casserole dishes, pots, pans, and baking trays, then you’ll need to refill the sink before washing your glasses. Start with your cleaner items before getting to the grubbier stuff.

Washing Up Liquid Alternatives

The average home can go through mountains of plastic cleaning bottles each year, which go straight to landfill. Instead, why not keep a few of these bottles in your home and use them for soluble detergents and liquids that smell divine? You can also use a solid cleaning soap bar to rinse your sink and taps after you’ve finished.

It’s easy to make little changes to your washing-up routine, but every little change adds up to a greater goal. Why not get started today?


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