Stone Tower

Green Evolution Club

Join the Green Evolution Club and earn points
for being our loyal customer.

How you can earn points:


10 points

on every £1 spent in store (excludes subscription boxes)


50 points

for following us on Instagram


50 points

for sharing our page on Facebook 


200 points

on your birthday. You get 200 points just for turning older

When you reach 500 points, you will be able to use them towards your next purchase.


Each 100 points entitles you to £1 discount off your purchase.

How do I join the Club?

You need to set up a member account on our website. Those who already have an account will be enrolled automatically.

How do I leave the Club?

If you want to loose all your points and leave the Club, please drop us an email at and ask to be un-enrolled. If you then decide to enroll again in the future, you will start from zero.

How do I check how many points I have?

Once you log in to your account, click on the tab to open up the loyalty program. In the pop-up window, you will be able to see your balance. 

Can I take cash instead of points?

Sadly, no. The points have no monetary value and can be used on our website in a manner outlined on this page. 

What if I have any questions or would like to share my feedback?

Please drop us an email at