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evo·​lu·​tion | \ iːvəluːʃən - a process of continuous change from a lower, simpler, or worse to a higher or better state.

We are an independent family run business helping people with switching to more sustainable lifestyle. We bring zero-waste solutions for most aspects of daily life so that everyone can feel good doing the right things for the future generations and our planet.

We are on a mission.

  • To show people how to reduce the single use plastic that ends up polluting the environment and demonstrate how plastic is silently killing our planet.

  • To teach about sustainability and how by making simple changes we all can build a better life for us humans and all others (plants, animal, marine life) we share this lovely planet with.

  • To share our experience of how we have changed our lifestyle and the challenges we have faced (as well as the joys).

And we do all that by ‘touring’ the country with our pop-up shop, speaking with anyone who is keen to talk about zero-waste or low waste living.  If you are someone who has already entered the sustainable lifestyle path, or are thinking and considering, or are just not sure and are scared of the unknown, we encourage you to come to our pop-up shop. This is where you are able to see, touch and feel the products and find out all about the benefits they bring both to you and to the environment.

How did it all begin?

We were not that eco-conscious all our lives. Like many working families we used to buy lots of products packed in plastic or made from plastic. Our bin would get full with packaging after each trip to a supermarket. That did not feel right. And it was not. As a family we were avid 'recyclers' making sure whatever products our local council could recycle, we recycled them. However, we were still not comfortable with the amount of single use plastic we as a family we were generating.  We were shocked to find out that only 9% of the entire plastic waste is actually getting recycled. We had to do something.


But like many we were too busy to change our life, and thought that maybe sustainable living was too hippie for us and that we would have to give up on too many of our little comforts. We were so wrong.

The biggest obstacle we faced was the knowledge, availability and belief in zero-waste and environment friendly products. Since this change was quite drastic and involved giving up on some of our beloved brands, the whole idea was scary. Despite that after 9 months, 23 days and 13 hours of research, trials, errors and doubts we were able to construct a basket of products which we loved and started using. 

And that’s why we have created The Evolution, to show you that living a more sustainable lifestyle is not as challenging as you may think. It will not happen overnight but it is a journey well worth undertaking. A journey we have made and feel great about it. So great, we want to share it with you. 

Adopting a more sustainable, eco-friendly and zero-waste lifestyle is “The Evolution” of the modern age.

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About Evolution

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