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How To Travel Sustainably in 2022

Have you booked a holiday in 2022? If you’d like to be more eco-conscious about the way that you spend your time off, here are some simple tips.

Choose a sustainable destination

Some destinations in the world are committed to developing a sustainable tourist industry. Check out the 2022 Green Destinations Top 100 list to seek out the more responsible places to visit. Hint: Slovenia and Portugal offer the greenest destinations in Europe, whilst Brazil, Peru and Japan are the most sustainable elsewhere.

Booking direct flights

Did you know that take-off and landing create the most carbon emissions during a flight? Try to book flights that go directly to your destination rather than changing planes.

Researching your hotels

An eco-friendly hotel will always be proud to promote their sustainability initiatives, like rainwater harvesting, using solar power, and installing dual-flush toilets. Do your research and book accommodation that is fully committed to helping the environment.

Packing your green essentials

Don’t go anywhere without your reusable water bottle so you don’t have to rely on plastic bottles. You can also bring your own solid soap bar instead of using miniature plastic bottles provided by the hotel.

We’d love to know where your favourite sustainable travel destinations are. Tag us at @theevolutionzerowaste to tell us your stories.


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