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How to 'Veganise' your life with minimal effort

Ready to make a change? Going vegan is an incredible decision that can have enormous benefits for both your health and the environment. Go ahead and take the plunge – it is simpler than you think!

Don’t Let Perfectionism Get in the Way

Success doesn't require perfection - just each and every step we take! So, let go of striving for the impossible 'perfection' when it comes to making lifestyle changes. We don't become vegan overnight, but with persistence and smaller steps in the right direction, our goals will eventually be achieved. There's no need to stress; small adjustments add up big time over time!

Focus on What You Can Add, Not What You Can Take Away

When transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, the temptation may be to immediately cut out all animal products from your diet. However, this approach is often too extreme for most people and can lead to feelings of deprivation or failure. Instead of taking away, focus on what you can add—more vegetables! Many vegan dishes are built around vegetables as the star ingredient, so why not get creative in the kitchen and explore new recipes that showcase your favorite produce? How about making an eggplant a start of your next cooking show?

Do Your Research

Becoming a vegan isn't all sprouts and tofu, at least not until you do your research! So before taking the plunge into plant-based living, make sure to brush up on what foods are acceptable, which materials in clothing aren’t animal derived, and what companies have cruel practices that should be avoided. But don’t fret – the internet is overflowing with sites dedicated to providing new vegans assistance during their transition period. Spend some time exploring articles or getting informed by documentaries - then you'll have enough power even superhuman Vegans will be jealous of!

Eliminate One Animal Product at a Time

One of the easiest ways to transition is by eliminating one animal product at a time. Start with something small like dairy or eggs, and then move onto larger items like meat and seafood. This approach gives you time to adjust to each change and allows for more experimentation in finding vegan alternatives. Plus, it makes the process less intimidating since you’ll only be focusing on one change instead of several all at once.

Veganising your life doesn’t have to be hard or intimidating – all it takes is baby steps and some research! Whether it’s replacing dairy milk with oat milk or swapping out leather shoes for canvas sneakers, every little change helps make the world a better place while also taking care of your own health at the same time – it's a win-win situation!


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