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How to be eco-friendly when you are on a budget?

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

We're all aware of how important it is to reduce our waste and make sure we don't negatively impact the environment. But what if you have a tight budget? Choosing green products over cheaper alternatives often requires some extra spending, but there are ways for anyone on even the strictest of budgets to be more eco-friendly without breaking out their piggy banks! Let's look at how that can work.

1. Buy less - Don't be deceived - being eco-friendly doesn't have to mean spending lots on "green label" items. Before you hit the shops, take an inventory of what you already own and ask yourself if there are things that could go? Do you really need more shoes when your cupboard is full? Or maybe those five cleaning products can become just one. Our family started with getting rid of baking paper, various wipes and cling film. Surprisingly maybe, we have not missed them at all.

2. East less meat and more veggies – Cut your meat intake and up the veggies for great benefits all-round! Going totally veggie is a big ask so rather try swapping it out with vegetarian options 3 or 4 times each week. Brits splash around £645 annually on meat – that's some serious savings to be snagged if you switch things up! Don't feel like splashing money on faux meats, just grab some beans, pulses and yummy seasonal vegetables instead. Experiment away in the kitchen for delicious dishes without breaking the bank or harming our planet.

3. Waste less – Want to help the environment and save some money? Cut down on your waste! Be mindful of how much you're using when it comes to cleaning products, personal care items – even food. Plan out meal ideas for the week ahead and stick with that shopping list - no fancy supermarket bargains please! The average UK family tosses about £500 worth of food every year but if you can keep things under control then not only are you helping our planet but saving yourself some hard-earned cash.

4. Make your own lunch – With all the hustle and bustle of working day-to-day, it can be tempting to just grab a take away lunch. But besides taking a huge bite out of your wallet (they add up!), these lunches come with an incredible packaging waste - 11 billion items each year! To save both money and resources, why not make yourself an awesome at-work meal? A little extra cooking one night is all you need for tasty leftovers that'll become tomorrow's work feast...killing two birds with one stone never tasted so good!

5. Brew your own coffee - Forget the expensive and wasteful habit of 'coffee on the go', we can create delicious brews at home or work with minimal waste - plus save a fortune! An average Brit spends around £300 each year buying take away coffee, so why not make your own for less? Doing this could give you an extra boost in energy too (not just caffeine!). Keep your hard-earned cash, reduce waste to help protect our planet...all while enjoying caffeinated drinks.

Even if you are not part of the eco-warrior community just yet, there is no reason why you should not start making some small changes in your life that will have a positive effect on both the environment and your finances. And who knows, maybe after reading this post you will be inspired to become an eco-warrior yourself! Are there any other tips you would add to our list of how to be eco-friendly when living on a budget? Let us know in the comments below!


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