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What Are The Benefits Of Sustainable Living?

The start of a new year is a great opportunity to make a few changes to how you live your life and if you’re keen to focus on sustainability, the good news is that there’s an awful lot you can do to reduce your demand on natural resources, helping the planet replenish itself.

Have you heard of Earth Overshoot Day? This is the day on which humanity exhausts the planet’s natural budget for any given year and in 2020, it fell on August 22nd.

In fact, because of the pandemic slowing human activity down, the date (which is when we’ve used as much of the ecological resources as the natural ecosystems on earth can regenerate in 12 months) was pushed back 24 days later than in 2019.

Thinking about your own carbon footprint is a great way to help make a difference and #MoveTheDate of Earth Overshoot Day, creating a more sustainable future for the benefit of one and all.

But what are the benefits of living more sustainably? Aside from the obvious benefits for the planet, you may well find that you start seeing a lot of personal gain as a result, as well.

For example, reducing energy consumption and even potentially generating your own power means you’ll be saving yourself lots of money.

Growing your own food is incredibly rewarding and you’ll get a lot of satisfaction out of watching your garden grow and knowing that all your hard work has put food on the table in a more meaningful way than going to a supermarket and buying your produce. And you get to spend lots of time out in the fresh air!

Reducing your reliance on your car means you’ll be walking and cycling a lot more, so giving yourself a serious health boost while driving down CO2 emissions.

And if you start shopping locally, you’ll be supporting small businesses, reducing the miles your food has travelled to get to your plate and allowing you to reconnect with your community more effectively than you might have done in the past. Who knows how many new friends you’ll find!

It’s also worth noting that you’re sure to learn a lot if you do decide to adopt a more sustainable way of life. You’ll pick up all sorts of new skills and really engage with what life has to offer - and you’re sure to want to impart your knowledge and experience to others, so you’ll find yourself teaching as well as learning, all at the same time.

It only takes one small step to start your zero waste journey and before you know it, you’ll be living off grid, growing your own food, walking to work and having a huge amount of fun as you do.

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