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Michelin Green Stars Awarded To Sustainable Restaurants!

Deciding where to eat can be a particularly tricky affair these days. There are just far too many amazing restaurants to choose from!

However, if you’re keen to be as sustainable as possible with how you live your life, you’re sure to want to visit establishments that put eco-friendliness at the very heart of the business… and now it’s easy to find out which ones have done exactly that, thanks to the new Michelin Green Star award.

Throughout Great Britain and Ireland, there are 23 restaurants that have been presented with this new accolade, celebrating those that are truly holding themselves accountable for ethical and environmental standards.

This includes working with sustainable suppliers and producers to remove and reduce plastic, avoid waste and non-recyclable materials from the supply chain.

It also includes working directly with farmers, growers and fishermen, foraging for ingredients, growing their own, rearing their own animals and using no-dig vegetable gardens and successional cover crop growing.

So… where can you go for sustainable food? Well, head to Margate and you’ll find Angela’s seafood restaurant, which received the award for its meat-free menu, ethically sourced seafood, plastic-free supply chain and the fact that it composts its food waste.

Or what about making your way to Oldstead and the Black Swan, which is a traditional style pub with a roaring fire, candlelit tables and exposed beams… all surrounded by a 30-acre farm, which is where it sources all its ingredients from.

Dishes are apparently Scandinavian in nature, with the likes of brill with razor clams and fermented turnip, and mallard with crapaudine beetroot.

Of course, these are just two of the amazing restaurants which have received the new Michelin award - and you can have a wonderful time discovering all 23 for yourself!

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