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Green News To Celebrate in 2021

As 2021 comes to an end, it’s time to look back on some of the tremendous global environmental achievements that have been made this year and also thank you for making your own little contribution.

The UK’s Environment Act

This act has now passed into legislation with the aim of protecting species, tackling deforestation abroad and increasing biodiversity. It establishes a new environmental watchdog, the Office for Environmental Protection, which will hold the Government and other public bodies responsible for complying with the environmental laws.

Protecting the Seas

This year the largest marine protected area in Europe has been created in Portugal’s Madeira archipelago. It covers 2677 square kilometres. The purpose of establishing marine protected areas is to allow the ecosystem to recover and renew itself. The EU plans to have 30% of its seas designated as protected areas.

Reforestation with Plant A Tree

As a community program with global impact, One Tree Planted organises Plant A Tree day where local groups come together to make a difference. In Uganda’s Mpanga Forest Reserve, 54 volunteers planted 2,500 new trees whilst Ethiopia’s Amhara National Park has benefited from 150,000 new trees.


This new fitness craze hails from Sweden and is a type of eco-running where joggers pick up trash during their workout. Burning up to 280 calories per hour during a run along the beach, through the park, in the forest or just pounding the streets is great for your body and the environment. It’s better than pure jogging as you’ll be using more muscles to bend and stretch.

What a great way to end the year and really demonstrates what we can achieve both individually and collectively when we stay focused on our goals.

Happy New Year from The Evolution – we wish you a fantastic, and sustainable 2022.


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