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Eco-Friendly Resolutions for 2022

Here at The Evolution, we’re all about making simple but effective changes to our lifestyle to help protect our planet for future generations. Why not use January as a great opportunity to cut plastic out of your life by making a few easy resolutions to follow?

Let Loose

Plastic-free fruit and vegetables can be top of your list. Supermarkets such as Morrisons are trialling offering 127 different varieties of bagless fruit and vegetables, and hopefully other brands will follow. Other foods wrapped in plastic, such as pasta, may be available by the gram from your nearest organic wholesale shop.

Switch to Reusable Cups and Bottles

Are you still using takeout coffee cups or plastic water bottles? Unfortunately, these are usually lined with plastic to prevent leakage. Instead, simply invest in a washable coffee cup and a OneBottle. They’re both convenient, lightweight, and safe for the environment.

Quit Packaged Sandwiches

If you’re commuting to work or eating lunch out, it’s better for the environment and your diet to pack a healthy, nutritious sandwich in your lunchbox instead of buying a pre-made version wrapped in plastic.

BYO Shopping Bags

Using your own shopping bags means that they won’t end up in landfill where they can release toxins and endanger wildlife. Keep a cloth, foldable bag inside your handbag or even your coat pocket so you never fall off the wagon with this resolution.

If you’ve tried to cut out plastic before and haven’t quite reached your goal then don’t give yourself a hard time. It’s a million times better to try again than to give up completely. Have a think about what didn’t work last time so you can put a plan together to succeed in an eco-friendlier 2022.


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