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How to make the switch to natural deodorant without any drama

Armpit sweat. It's embarrassing, it's smelly, and it's awkward to talk about. But the good news is, you're not alone! Millions of people struggle with underarm sweat every day. The bad news? Traditional antiperspirants contain chemicals which may have quite a negative impact on your body and your health.

If you're looking for an alternative that doesn't include harsh chemicals, then natural deodorant may be the right choice for you. Keep reading for five tips to help make the switch to natural deodorant a little bit easier

1. Do your research - know what ingredients to look for in natural deodorants. Baking soda, arrowroot and corn starch serve to absorb moisture while coconut and tea tree oils help neutralise odour-causing bacteria. Shea butter and sunflower make sure the deodorant glides smoothly on your skin.

2. Start with a detox period - you might need a detox period when switching to a natural deodorant. That's because your body is used to the aluminium in conventional antiperspirants, which blocks the sweat glands. It will take time for your body to fully detox from the aluminium.

3. Be patient - it might take a little while for your body to stop sweating as much. So don't be discouraged if you experience a little more sweating or body odour when you first make the switch. Give your body 2-4 weeks to adjust. And to help you in during the transition period, take a small deodorant with you so you can freshen up during the day.

4. Experiment with different brands and formulations until you find one that works best for you. While most brands have the same basic ingredients, different formulations work better for some people than others.

5. Keep an open mind - some people love natural deodorants, others find it takes some getting used to. Although it may be scary to say goodbye to what you might have been using for year, believe us, it will be worth the switch.

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: switching to a natural deodorant is worth it. It just takes a bit of patience (and some experimentation) to find the right one for you. But when you do, your body will thank you for years to come. Have we convinced you yet? If not, check our range of natural deodorants and start your journey to an aluminium-free life today!


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