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Brilliant all natural exfoliating soap bag!

Exfoliating Soap Bag - Naturally Evergreen

  • This is one of our favourite products! Simple yet so practical and useful.

    Put your soap in the bag and use it on your skin instead of a bath sponge. The soap bag can be used to exfoliate your skin gently leaving it smooth and soft to touch. It will also help to create a lovely fluffy lather from the soap.

    The bag is made from plant fiber and has a wonderful natural texture.

    It comes with a handy cotton drawstring so you can easily hang the bag in the shower to dry.

    The bag is also brilliant when it comes to those little fiddly bits of soap you get left at the end of the use. Just pop them all in the bag and use till the very last bit.

     Why do we like it?

    • 100% plastic free
    • Great alternative to plastic sponges
    • Acts like a gentle exfoliator on your skin
    • Saves you time when taking shower, no need to lather your sponge and then your skin. Just do it all in one go!
    • Made from plant fiber, completely biodegradable
    • Zero waste
    • Washable and reusable
    • Compostable in a home compost bin
    • Comes with a handy drawstring so you can hang it to dry between uses. No need to worry where to put the soap!