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The UK’s Most Eco-Friendly Cities Revealed!

The most eco-friendly cities in the UK have been revealed in a new study, taking into account the number of allotments, the number of charity shops, the recycling rate, the number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants and the number of residents who cycle at least once a month.

Carried out by whole foods outlet Garden of Life, reported on by Refinery 29, the study revealed that Brighton and Hove is the greenest city in the UK, followed by Bristol, Newcastle upon Tyne, Norwich and Edinburgh.

A Garden of Life representative explained that it’s becoming increasingly important to make eco-friendly lifestyle choices, as a result of climate change, whether that’s by increasing recycling, growing your own food or reducing the amount of meat you eat.

“As you can see from our research, some areas of the UK are very environmentally aware and are leading the way with their greener choices. It’s great to see Brighton ranked top in the top 30 eco-friendly towns and cities, and we hope other areas of the UK follow suit,” they went on to say.

If you want to start being more eco-friendly yourself, there’s a huge amount you can do to reduce your impact on the planet. This could include, for example, not leaving electricals on standby, reducing your food waste, using LED light bulbs, insulating your home properly, repairing and fixing items instead of replacing them and so on.

There are also lots of different products you can buy to help you be more sustainable, whether you decide you want to invest in eco friendly skincare, for example, or new products for the kitchen and bathroom. All it takes is one small step to start your zero waste journey!


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