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9 eco-friendly ideas for your valentine’s day celebrations

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to show someone you love them, but it doesn’t have to mean mountains of plastic packaging or wasteful single-use items. This year, why not make your Valentine’s Day celebrations more eco-friendly and sustainable? From eating at restaurants which value sustainability to buying fair trade chocolate or locally sourced flowers, there are many ways in which you can show your love without the waste. Read on for some great ideas!

Shop Sustainably

Shopping sustainably means looking out for brands that use recycled materials, ethically-sourced fabrics and ingredients, and are transparent about their supply chains. It also means shopping secondhand and repurposing items when possible. If you want to buy something new this Valentine’s Day, check out online stores like Etsy for unique gifts that you can feel good about giving.

Buy Local

Supporting local businesses is a great way to make sure your purchase stays close to home and reduces its carbon footprint. Many cities have markets which sell locally sourced produce, homemade crafts and vintage clothing; these are all excellent options if you want to shop responsibly this Valentine's Day!

Buy Local Flowers

Instead of ordering flowers from around the world try sourcing locally grown blooms instead. Not only do locally sourced flowers last longer than those shipped from overseas but they also reduce your carbon footprint by cutting down on transportation costs. Bonus point if you buy organic blooms!

Eat Out Sustainable Restaurants

Eating out sustainably is easier than ever with the rise of plant-based diets and sustainable eateries popping up all over the place. Look for restaurants that offer organic ingredients, vegan options or locally sourced produce; these places usually prioritise sustainability as part of their mission statement so you know they will be doing their bit for Mother Nature too!

Choose Fair Trade Gifts

Whether it’s jewellery or chocolates, there are plenty of fair trade options available when it comes to buying gifts this February 14th! Fair trade products ensure that workers around the world receive a fair price for their work while also protecting our environment from exploitation - what better way to show someone how much you care?

Give Experience Gifts

Good way to reduce the impact on our plant is to buy experience gifts if you can. That could include that beloved tennis club membership, tickets to one of the famous musicals or a cooking class. Experiences are some of the most meaningful gifts you can give someone without creating any extra waste or adding clutter to your home like traditional presents may do. Plus, they create lasting memories together.

Buy Recycled Paper Products

If you plan on sending cards or wrapping gifts this year, opt for recycled paper products whenever possible; not only do recycled papers look just as good as traditional ones but they also help reduce our reliance on tree fibres which saves trees from being cut down unnecessarily!

Plant Trees Together

Planting trees is great way to celebrate the bond which you have with the loved one while also helping the environment. Most nurseries sell saplings at affordable prices so pick up one, choose a spot and get planting. If things go well the tree will be there for decades remining you of your commitment to each other and that special moment.

Make Homemade Gifts

Instead of hitting up the mall or online shopping sites, try making something special at home. Homemade gifts not only save money but they also cut down on packaging waste and transportation costs. Whether it be homemade chocolates, cakes, bath bombs – your thoughtful homemade gift will definitely be appreciated.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn't have to mean compromising on sustainability—there are lots of simple changes we can make in order to reduce our impact on the planet whilst still showing our loved ones how much we care! Try some of these eco-friendly tips this February 14th and enjoy spreading some extra love without any added waste this holiday season. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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