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6 Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

While holidays have largely been put on hold this year because of the global pandemic, there will come a time when we can travel freely once again - so now’s the time to start thinking about where you want to go and what you want to do.

No matter your choice of destination, it’s important to travel in as eco-friendly a way as you can. Yes, we want to see the world but we also want there to be a world to see, so being as eco-conscious as you can when you make your way around and about is an absolute must these days.

There are all sorts of ways you can be green while satisfying your wanderlust, whether that’s by choosing your hotels based on their sustainability initiatives (such as rainwater harvesting, dual-flush toilets and solar power) or by trying to book direct flights to your destinations (since takeoff and landing is what create the most carbon emissions).

When considering what to pack, make sure you include a reusable water bottle that you can refill as you go so you can cut down on the amount of single-use plastic you use, and bring your own plastic free travel soap case so you don’t have to use hotel bottles.

You could even take the hotel bottles away with you to donate to local homeless shelters or similar organisations and then perhaps talk to the hotel in question about adopting more eco-friendly measures.

Also think about where you want to holiday, as some places are more eco-friendly than others. Check out the 2020 Sustainable Top 100 Destinations list for some ideas about where to go, including Douglas Shire in Queensland, the Galapagos Islands and Puerto Natales in Chile.


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